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Taking Suggestions!

2015-09-13 18:47:36 by Puuzo

So, since I'm new to NewGrounds, I'd totally would love to know what sorts of things you guys are into. So yeah! Leave comments below on what you would like to see. I do illistrations and sometimes animations!


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2015-09-13 20:10:08

Hmmm, you know who Markiplier is correct? =3=

Puuzo responds:

Of Course?


2015-09-13 20:58:01

Butterflies! Draw butterflies!


2015-09-14 06:19:02

I suggest Hsienko from Darkstalkers.


2015-09-14 07:31:52

Puuzo welcome to Newgrounds!

Ghost Girls, that's my suggestion.


2015-09-15 21:22:22

Perfect... =3= Mark with pink hair is amazing amirite? :D


2016-01-11 22:07:19

welcome, well draw whatever the hell you want, but since you are taking sugestions...

undertale stuff (everyone seems to be obsessed with it right now)
kingdom hearts? (plenty of cool characters)
some random moba game that a lot of people play (like Lol, Heroes of the storm, dota, idk) because almost every artist that has drawn porn, has also a drawing about a moba

a cactus

Puuzo responds:

I've been drawing undertail stuff like 24/7 haha


2016-05-15 08:50:55

non FA monstergirl stuff would be cool.


2016-05-23 22:32:05

We like robots and porn here hahaha!